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Hi, it’s Alyson from The Beauty Vanity. I seriously can’t believe how quickly the year has flown by! The holiday season is coming to an end with New Year’s Eve last on the list. Whenever I think of NYE, I always think of glitz, glamour, and glitter! Glitter can be difficult to work with, but with the right products and right tricks – it’ll be a cinch for you to use on your night out.

glittery silver and gold makeup

Pixi Nail Colour in Crystal Champagne | MAC Pigment in Jardin Aires | NYX Glam Gloss Aqua Luxe in Disco Playground


If you’re looking for the easiest way to add glitter to your look, this is it. There’s many ways you can apply it: to the entire nail, to the tips, or in a pretty design. Either way, your nails will be blinged out (in the best way, of course).


Pigment is not exactly glitter, but if you want a subtle way to add sparkle to your makeup, pigment is a great choice. Wet your eyeshadow brush with water or a setting spray and dip it into the pigment for a more metallic effect. Apply it by adding it to the center of your lids or in your inner tear duct area to brighten up your eyes.


Any shimmery lip gloss is another great option for a subtle sparkle. Practically every cosmetic brand offers lip glosses and chances are, you might already have a shimmery lip gloss in your makeup collection. Add it to the center of your lips for a pouty effect.

sparkly silver makeup

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Moonspoon | J.Cat Liquid Glitter Liner in Volume Up | Starlooks Glitter in Mica


Working with loose shadows can be messy, so you can imagine my excitement when pressed pigments came out. You can apply wet or dry just like traditional pigments, but again, wetting the brush and applying it provides more color payoff. This Urban Decay pressed pigment has really fine particles of glitter in it too!


Liquid Glitter Liners also take the messiness away from glitter. I like using liners when I want to add sparkle to my lower lash line or just on top of my liner. It doesn’t apply really pigmented, so I need to layer a couple of coats.


Last but not least, traditional glitter. Beautiful on, but a pain to apply. To use on the lids, it needs to adhere to something to stay on. You can apply glitter to a cream shadow before it sets or use special products like MAC Fix+ or Too Faced Glitter Glue. Once the glitter is on the brush, tap off the excess and pat the product onto the lid (no swiping!). Chances are, there will still be fall out, so you can try brushing the glitter away with a clean brush or use some scotch tape.




Have a wonderful rest of the holiday season and I’m sending all of you warm wishes!

xx Alyson from The Beauty Vanity

Author: Alyson Alconis

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