How I Style my Coffee Table with Glade Candles


The power of fragrance to enhance the mood of a space is an often underutilized element of interior design. When Glade tapped me to try two of their vibrantly scented candles show how they bring feelings to life, I loved the idea. Enter Glade’s Pure Vanilla Joy Candle and Glade’s Cashmere Woods Candle, which arrived via a special delivery to my apartment.


My husband and I burn scented candles in our Living Room all the time (in fact, I burn them pretty much all day in my office too, keeping them trimmed nicely to prevent soot with these). So I knew as soon as the candles came that I wanted to experiment with them in our Living Room for this post.


First I opened up Glade’s Cashmere Woods Candle, and without even lighting it spent a minute or so sniffing out the scent’s elements. From the name and caramel wax color alone I suspected that the “cashmere” would give the scent a snuggly feeling, and the “woods” would be woodsy and rustic in mood. I was able to make out both of those elements, but couldn’t exactly identify the specific notes included. When I took a look online, I read that there are notes of citrus and jasmine, combined with the oaky scents of amber and vanilla. From this I decided that the tablescape palette should be warm camels and browns, which would look great against our gold leaf coffee table.

How I Style my Coffee Table with Glade Candles


Next I opened up Glade’s Pure Vanilla Joy Candle, and again without lighting it spent a minute or so sniffing out the scent’s elements. From the name and creamy off-white wax color, I guessed that the “pure vanilla joy” name would give the scent a happy, enthusiastic feeling. The bright vanilla bean aroma was the most obvious element of the scent, and when I looked it up I read that there are notes of crisp apple, whipped icing, and toasted marshmallow – vanilla with extra elements of sweetness and celebration. The icing made me think of birthday parties, and the toasted marshmallows of family camping. Channeling the celebratory nature of the scent, I chose the fresh white flowers, adding the pale blue throw blanket, and the texture of Tom Scheerer Decorates book cover minus the book jacket.

How I Style my Coffee Table with Glade Candles


The resultant mood and tablescape I put together in my Living Room is a mix of the coziness of Cashmere Woods and the cheerfulness of Pure Vanilla Joy. These images make me want to curl up on our sofa in this exact spot with a great book, snuggled under our throw blanket. Ta-daaa: such a fun exercise of bringing scents to life.


To see how more tastemakers have brought Glade candles to life in their homes, check out Glade’s brand new pinterest page. Scents make us feel like nothing else can, as Glade’s new pinterest boards illustrate so well.


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Glade. Glade scents bring the most beautiful feelings to life. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Sarah Sarna [dot] com possible!

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Photography by Sarah Sarna.

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