A guide to growing gorgeous geraniums in containerswith #MonroviaPlants #sp #GrowBeautifully, via @sarahsarna.

My newbie gardening adventures continue! Last week I shared my guide to choosing perennials in collaboration with Monrovia Plants. I began with the question: ‘what should I plant?!?,’ and then told you about Monrovia, how they grow the highest quality, healthiest plants that you find at Lowe’s and in your local garden center, and then how they helped me to answer my query of what to plant. I selected a pair of Miss Heidi Geraniums and you’ll find a refresher on all the details of how and why in my guide. Today I’m showing you how easy it is to grow Miss Heidi Geraniums – and all geraniums for that matter – in containers (Keep reading for the benefits).

For my first foray into container gardening, I selected a pair of urns, while keeping the following geranium container planting tips in mind:

  • Geraniums can be potted in any container, as long as it has HOLES IN THE BOTTOM for water drainage.
  • Geraniums won’t survive in soggy soil that is unable to drain excess water.
  • Choose a good quality, well drained potting soil, and never use garden soil!
  • Make sure the containers aren’t too heavy so that you can move them if you want to.
  • Geraniums grow: make sure your container has room for growth. A 10-12 inch diameter pot is a good general size.

The urns that I chose required making my own drainage holes, which was not clear in the product description!, but it was quick to do with my drill. Once the urns were drainage-ready, I filled them about one quarter of the way with potting soil.

A guide to growing gorgeous geraniums in containerswith #MonroviaPlants #sp #GrowBeautifully, via @sarahsarna.

Next I held onto the flowers and flipped the Monrovia containers upside down, pushing on the dirt a little bit so that the entire plant came loose into my palm. Then I placed the geraniums on top of the potting soil and added more potting soil around the edges. I made sure to plant them at the same depth as they came in their containers.

You guys, that was it. That was all I had to do, and then planting was complete!

A guide to growing gorgeous geraniums in containerswith #MonroviaPlants #sp #GrowBeautifully, via @sarahsarna.

My main reason for planting in containers is to brighten up our deck. Here are 3 additional reasons why container planting with geraniums is so great:

  • Weeding and watering are simplified: weeding is almost completely eliminated and there’s just the pots to water.
  • Color everywhere and anywhere: as long as you choose a light-weight container, it’s a snap to move them around for color wherever and whenever you want it. Move them inside during the winter months, too.
  • Garden not required: grow them on your balcony, your deck, or on your front steps – basically, anywhere!

A guide to growing gorgeous geraniums in containerswith #MonroviaPlants #sp #GrowBeautifully, via @sarahsarna.

So simple, right? I’m so excited to enjoy my Miss Heidis year-round, for years to come.

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