Fourth of July decorations

Rather than buying Fourth of July decorations for the table, this year I decided to create a custom and more personal design. I played around with sketches of fireworks, flags, and start, and then decided to simplify with the words “let freedom ring.” My thinking is that this way the napkins can be used to celebrate Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day and many other American holidays, in addition to the Fourth. This is the first DIY I’ve ever done for the blog, so I chose something quick, easy, and with endless possibilities. I love the way the napkins turned out; their versatility, and that they can be dressed up or down.


– Iron
– White Cotton or Linen Dinner Napkins
– Fabric Crayons or Pastels
– Scrap piece of paper (for practicing and ironing)

Fourth of July decorations


1. Sketch your drawing on scrap paper as practice. This way you get a feel for the way the crayon/pastel writes, while finalizing your design.

Fourth of July decorations

2. Once you have practiced your design, draw it directly on the napkin.

3. Place a scrap piece of paper over the design, and iron on top of the paper.

4. Once its been ironed, the napkin design is permanent, and you can begin styling it on the table.

Fourth of July decorations

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Image Credits: Photography by Sarah Sarna

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