Summer Thornton Bathroom

Florals and stripes go head to head in this glamorous Master Bath of a vibrant young woman in the big city. Arabella wallpaper in Platinum by Cowtan & Tout creates a dramatic, metallic backdrop for the sprawling coral floral pattern, which brings the four walls of the bath to life.

Summer Thornton Bathroom

The floor, painted in black and white stripes, interspersed with emerald chevrons, brings bolts of electricity into the room in hues that compliment rather than match the wallpaper.

Summer Thornton Bathroom

The vanities are a pair of vintage Regency dressers, with gold-leaf detailing and ornate brass hardware. With a Master Bath like this, the young homeowner must feel like a Hollywood star every morning, evening, and whenever she powders her nose.

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Image Credits(s): House Beautiful. Interior Designer: Summer Thornton

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Author: Sarah Sarna

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