Fall makeup routine

Hi guys, it’s Mags from THAT’S MAGS FOR YOU. With Fall right around the corner my weekends are quickly filling up with football, friends, and festive fun! To keep up with it all, I’ve put together a quick makeup routine that is perfect for busy Fall weekends.

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Benefit Cosmetics Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer

Stay Flawless is amazing. It is possibly the quickest primer to apply. It comes in a stick form, which is smooth when applied to skin. A few swipes all around the face and you are ready to go. I always go in after and make sure to rub it in a bit just to make sure it has been evenly distributed around the face.

benefit cosmetics stay flawless

Author: Sarah Sarna

Interior Designer and Author at SarahSarna.com, empowering women to decorate and dress with confidence.