easy nail art

Hi, it’s Alyson from The Beauty Vanity and I’m back with my very FIRST nail pictorial.  With NYFW still fresh on my mind, I’ve been totally inspired by all the creative designs from the runways.  If you follow me on my blog, I dedicated an entire week to NYFW!  Since I’m not exactly an expert manicurist, just like my makeup tutorials, I like to keep my nails really simple and leave the complicated designs for the professionals.

I recently discovered foil nail tape on Amazon and not knowing exactly what to do with it, I turned to Pinterest from some inspiration. Black and gold is one of my all-time favorite color combinations, so I decided to use my new OPI Nail Polish in Black Onyx and the gold foil nail tape together.  I love how the black nail polish creates a beautiful canvas for fun nail designs and lets not forget, the colors are very fall appropriate!  Let’s get started!

After you prep and prime your nails, paint two coats of your black nail polish.  Here, I used Zoya Anchor as my base coat and OPI in Black Onyx.

easy nail art step 1

I waited a good 30 minutes to let my nail polish dry before applying the nail tape.  I cut the nail tape roughly and placed it just below the tip of my nail to create some room for the black nail polish to show.

easy nail art step 2

After you securely fasten the nail tape onto your nail, cut the ends to fit your nail.  As the final step, add your favorite top coat (mine is Seche Vite) and you’re all finished!

easy nail art

Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you next month!

<3 Alyson from The Beauty Vanity

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Author: Alyson Alconis

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