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Hi there, It’s Jennifer from Hometown Heroine here. Now that it is officially winter, I don’t think I’m alone in having horribly dry skin. I suffer from dry skin year round, but during the winter my skin feels rough and tight. Not ideal. So, this month I decided to bring you my tricks to keeping my skin glowing and healthy through the wind-whipping San Francisco winter.


dry skin remedies

First and foremost, I recommend everyone have a Clarisonic. I always thought they were a gimmick, but after picking one up per my esthetician’s recommendation, I can’t live without it. It is great for deep cleaning pores as well as buffing dry skin off in the gentlest way possible. I don’t feel like I can get my skin clean without it anymore. Because of my recent finals stress-induced-breakout, I have been using this everyday with just water to clean and tone my skin.

Clarisonic – Mia 2 $149.00

dry skin remedies

If you want a little cleanser added to your Clarisonic, I recommend this little green guy: Clinique – Liquid Facial Soap “Extra-Mild”. The formula is “extra-mild” so it is perfect for keeping your skin natural and clean. The cleanser itself doesn’t foam, so it will not strip your skin of any natural oils. This is the perfect cleanser for winter months.

Clinique – Liquid Facial Soap “Extra-Mild” $17

dry skin remedies

If your looking for a scrub with a little more intensity, this will meet all your polishing needs.  I’m a big believer that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on great exfoliator. St. Ives – Apricot Scrub has been my go-to since high school. It does come in another formula not meant for acne prone skin that might be more your style. But, my acne prone skin still needs a little kick. My best trick is to let this sit on my skin in the shower for a few minutes before scrubbing my skin and rinsing it with warm water.

St. Ives – Apricot Scrub $3.51

dry skin remedies

The second I am done washing my face, I go in with my Maracuja Oil Roller Ball on all my dry spots. I then apply a little bit to my T-zone. Then I wait a moment for it to dry. This Maracuja oil is deeply hydrating and also makes your skin glowing and soft without feeling like it’s soaked in product. This does come in a full sized bottle, but I am partial to the rollerball because it makes it easy to apply it straight to problem areas.

Tarte – Pure Maracuja Oil Roller Ball $17

dry skin remedies

The Olay Daily Moisturizer has always been my favorite. It’s light, but fights dry skin like a champ. It keeps skin soft and hydrated all day without feeling heavy or greasy. It gives your skin a perfect dewy appearance. Another major perk is that it has SPF 30, so most days you wont need to add more sunscreen. Plus, you can purchase it almost anywhere.

Olay – Daily Moisturizer in “Sensitive”  $8.79

dry skin remedies

When my dry skin needs an extra kick, I always reach for Philosophy – Hope In A Jar for “Dry Skin”. A little of this goes a very long way. The thick and creamy moisturizer is formulated for very dry skin. They make one a little less intense, but I need the extra boost. I dip the tip of my finger into the product then dab it all over my face and neck before working it into my skin in small circular movements. Generally, I use it at night along with the Tarte oil, and then I trade it out in the mornings for Olay.

Philosophy – Hope In A Jar for “Dry Skin” $42


dry skin remedies

Everyone needs a great lip balm. These two happen to be my favorites, but honestly different formulas work great for different people. I like light and glossy balms; so these two are my holy grails. For a drugstore option, the Vaseline Lip Therapy is the best two dollars you will ever spend. For a cult classic, the Rosebud Salve is a serious go-to. I use this when I want a tinge of color as well as hydrating properties.

Vaseline – Lip Therapy Advanced Formula $1.99  \  Rosebud Perfume Co. – Rosebud Salve in Tube $6.00


dry skin remedies

This is a recent trick I picked up. I use Neutrogena Sesame Oil as soon as I get out of the shower, even before I dry off. I let it sit for a minute, and then I pat my skin dry using a towel. It locks in all your skins moisture. It’s the perfect start to re-hydrating your skin because you don’t have to start over by piling on lotion the moment you dry off. You only have to apply a thin layer of lotion, if even that. (For more body oil options, see this roundup.)

Neutrogena – Body Oil “Light Sesame Formula” $7.99

dry skin remedies

Dove – Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion is my favorite body lotion. It’s the perfect mixture between cream and oil (hence the name). It doesn’t feel heavy on your skin, but it is deeply hydrating. It dries within second and leaves a fresh and lovely scent on your skin. It doesn’t dry sticky or feel tacky. It dries perfectly into your skin and leaves you with fresh, silky skin.

Dove – Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion $7.99


dry skin remedies

Last, but not least, is hand cream. Other than faces, hands are the most exposed area of skin during the winter. We need to treat them well before they betray us. This is my third bottle of Soap & Glory – Hand Food, and I never leave home without it. It’s scent is sweet and addicting. But the hydration levels trump the scent. I have never met a hand cream like this. The thick formula hydrates deeply and dries quickly. It’s 1.69oz of perfection.

Soap & Glory – Hand Food $6.00


This winter, keep your skin glowing and healthy. You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your skin hydrated. My biggest tip of all, drinks lots of water. Whether its tap, bottled or Pellegrino, they will all do the job.



Images: First image via Elle.com, all others via Jennifer Lieskovan.

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