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It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since that August that my Mom and Aunt took me to college.  Just kidding – it’s been longer than that. I remember very clearly, however, how excited I was, as well as the very careful and thoughtful shopping that went into making sure I had everything I would need for the year ahead.

I’d seen the dorms on my tour and prospective student overnight visit, so I knew that my dorm room would be a far cry from my perfectly curated bedroom at home. I also knew that with the proper decoration, my freshman dorm room could feel like a home away from home. Which it did.

Here I’ve put together 10 of the dorm decorating ideas that I employed as a freshman, all the way through to  Senior Year. I hope that these dorm room ideas will inspire you to feel more at home on campus, and help you finalize the decor that you’ll be taking with you in just a few weeks.

After you go through the gallery, make sure to browse my DORM ESSENTIALS page.

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