A Life I Don't Need A Vacation From


I saw this quotation on @kelleywithlove’s instagram account a couple of weeks ago and took a screenshot. Does anyone else do this? Whenever I see an inspiring quotation or sentiment I take a screenshot and upload it to my private “Quotes” photo stream. Then, if I need a little bit of motivation, it’s all there in one place.


Part of my husband and my decision to move from Manhattan to the suburbs of Washington DC is our desire for a home that gives us a feeling of vacation as part of our everyday life. Evenings on the deck, naps in a hammock, barbecues with friends and family, and beautiful natural scenery are all elements that were previously only available to us when we went on vacation to a destination or to the home of a friend. Slowly but surely, thanks to our relocation, we’re creating a life we don’t need a vacation from, and it feels really nice.


Author: Sarah Sarna

Interior Designer and Author at SarahSarna.com, empowering women to decorate and dress with confidence.