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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with generous BlogTour sponsor, Dekton by Cosentino. Dekton is an ultra compact surface made from a mixture of inorganic raw materials found in glass, porcelain tile and natural quartz, with advanced technical properties for both interior and exterior design.

Last weekend I shared the exciting news that I will one of fifteen interior design insiders to be part of BlogTour Las Vegas 2014, February 2-6. One of the best parts of being part of BlogTour is the opportunity it avails for Tina and me to learn about the latest design offerings for our Franklin Eighth clients. Cosentino will be a BlogTour sponsor for the second time and will co-host an event at KBIS with BLANCO on February 5th.

Dekton by Cosentino Kitchen

Dekton: A New Surface

Dekton harnesses the potential for design to flow from the indoors to outdoor spaces using one continuous product, creating complete uniformity

Dekton, a new surface material, is the most significant new product launch in over a decade for Cosentino, the Spanish family-owned global leader in quartz, natural stone, and recycled surfaces. The brand has invested over 172 million dollars into their newest offering, including the construction of a new state-of-the-art factory at the company’s manufacturing headquarters in Spain. An ultra compact surface made from a mixture of inorganic raw materials found in glass, porcelain tile and natural quartz, Dekton offers multiple interior and exterior architectural applications, including: flooring, cladding, stairs, ventilated facades for outdoors, and kitchen and bath countertops. For architects and designers, Dekton harnesses the potential for design to flow from the indoors to outdoor spaces using one continuous product, creating complete uniformity.

Dekton by Cosentino Colors Ariane and Strato

Ready to Debut at KBIS

“As a company dedicated to product innovation, Cosentino is looking forward to revealing the first results of this major investment and expansion at KBIS—the most important trade show for the K+B industry,” says Lorenzo Marquez, VP of Marketing Cosentino North America. “As we prepare to fully launch Dekton later this year in the US market, the feedback and insight we receive from industry experts at KBIS will be tremendously useful.”

Dekton by Cosentino Ultra Compact

Ultra Compact

a game-changer for the interior design and architecture industries

What does “ultra compact” mean? A number of things, which combined makes Dekton’s debut a game-changer for the interior design and architecture industries.

Color Consistency – Dekton maintains its color consistency from slab to slab, resulting in a long lasting product that will not fade over time. The surface you install today will maintain the same new appearance for the life of the product.

Dimensional Stability – Very consistent in both dimension and thickness throughout the slab, Dekton minimizes the need for field corrections and makes for easy installation.

Flexible Strength – With over 5 times the flexural strength of granite, Dekton can be installed in thinner material over greater spans allowing for up to a 12-inch unsupported overhang on countertops, islands and bartops. Dekton’s high compressive strength makes it an ideal material for walkways, pavers or driveways.

Non-porous – Dekton is non-porous and never needs to be sealed.  It naturally prevents liquids and gasses from penetrating the surface, making it a low maintenance surface that is easier to clean.

Dekton by Cosentino Ultra Performance

Ultra Performance

Dekton has unique UV resistance, exceptional strength and performance, high resistance to impact, scratches, and abrasion for use in high-traffic areas, and very low water absorption.  It also provides thermal shock resistance against heat, frost and thawing, enabling the product to be used outside in any climate.

  • Abrasion-Resistant – Dekton is even more resistant to abrasion than granite making it the ideal surface for commercial applications and high traffic areas such as flooring. While other surfaces show wear over time, Dekton’s finish will last for the life of the product and never needs to be re-surfaced or re-finished.
  • Cold-Resistant – Dekton’s low coefficient of thermal expansion makes it Thermal Shock proof from both extreme heat and extreme cold.  It’s natural resistance to ice and thawing makes it perfect for use in even the coldest environments.
  • Heat-Resistant – Dekton withstands high temperatures without burning, scorching or cracking.  Hot Pots and Appliances like Crock Pots can be placed directly on the surface with no worry of damage.
  • Scratch-Resistant – Dekton is the most scratch resistant surface on the market and while the slip of a knife won’t damage Dekton, cutting boards are still recommended to protect your household utensils.
  • Stain-Proof – While other surfaces are stain resistant, Dekton is completely Stain Proof. Even stubborn stains like wine, coffee, markers and rust can easily be removed from the surface. Since Dekton has extremely low porosity and contains no resins, it is chemical resistant.  Drips or splashes of common household chemicals like bleach, drain cleaners or oven degreasers won’t harm Dekton.
  • UV-Resistant – Dekton is highly resistant to ultra violet (UV) light and will not fade or degrade over time making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Dekton by Cosentino Ultra Size

Ultra Wide Slabs

In order to meet the industry demand set forth by architects and designers, Dekton will be manufactured in large format slabs. The product’s ultra width (126″ x 56″) and lightness make for endless possibilities in the design of kitchens, bathrooms, facades, walls, and high-traffic flooring.

Dekton by Cosentino Ultra Thickness

Ultra Thin

Dekton comes in three thicknesses depending on application requirements, the desired design and effect – from an exceptionally thin 8mm, as well as 2cm and 3cm.

I look forward to learning more about this new product at KBIS.

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Photo Credits: Dekton by Cosentino

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