The season of cozy sweaters is upon us! Temperatures are going down to the low 30s in NYC this weekend, so now is a good time to think about your strategy for staying warm.


I grew up in Northern New York State (Rochester, to be exact), where winters are long and cold and warm clothes are a must. If you experienced last winter in New York City, you know what every winter in Rochester is like. No joke. I actually love cold weather and winter as a result, even though I get cold really easily. If it’s below 65 degrees, I’m essentially shivering and cold. Truthfully, comfortable for me is in the 80s, so I learned early in life that when it’s cold, dressing warmly is a must. I do not play when I’m cold – I have a serious collection of coats, hats, gloves, scarves, thick hiking socks, and really warm sweaters. Not the thin or short sleeved type, but twenty heavy, thick, warm and cozy sweaters (I counted). And they work – they keep me cozy in the 80s when room temperature is in the 70s and when it’s anywhere from 60 to 0 degrees outside (as it was quite a bit last winter).


So, because 20 sweaters are not nearly enough, and because it’s always good to edit and update, I’ve rounded up a slideshow of cozy sweater inspiration images, including all of my picks for thick, warm, practical sweaters that also happen to be really stylish. There are two weekend sale announcements and then a few Qs I’d love for you to A (questions I’d love for you to answer).


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waffle knit sweater

Author: Sarah Sarna

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  • I love the pink satchel bag from November 1, 2014. Where is it from. Thx

  • Jessica

    I’m basically the opposite of you when it comes to preferred temperature, my comfort range is like 50-65 degrees and anything warmer than 75 is way too hot for me. I definitely love fluffy sweaters though (probably why I don’t like summer- I can’t wear all my lovely warm sweaters!!) because they are wonderful when temps are wayyyy below zero. They’re so comfy when I have to go to school and the wind chill is like -20 (nothing closes until it hits -40 or we get like a foot of snow). I basically live in skinny jeans, Uggs, and oversized sweaters/sweatshirts. Gotta love them MN winters! Of course my first choice college is even further north than where I am now, so it’s going to be even worse there.

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  • Hahaha thanks for saying hello, MaryBeth!

  • Oh, man. Here in MN it’s sweaters & coat & scarf & hat! Spring and Fall are the best because you can dress in a big sweater for like 3 months straight!

    Great post!

  • I love them all! Great pictures!

    The Office Stylist

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  • Hi kb, I found the image on tumblr – I can’t find the original source, but here are other instances of it on the web: xo, Sarah

  • kb

    hi sarah, where is the first picture (1/17) in the sweater round up from? to be more specific.