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I would like to extend a warm welcome to one of our new monthly contributors, Stacey Sheppard of The Design Sheppard.  I’m excited to say that starting today, Stacey’s column on European Design will be appearing here for us on first Wednesdays of the month. I’m thrilled to have you here, Stacey!

I am so happy that Sarah has asked me to be one of her guest columnists on Live the Life you Dream About and I’m really excited about uncovering lots of inspiring things for you to read each month. As you have probably gathered by now, Sarah and I met for the first time a few weeks ago in Cologne as we were both lucky enough to by chosen by Modenus to take part in Blog Tour Cologne. And as so often happens when bloggers get together, the creative juices start flowing, inspiration is shared, ideas are bounced around, and exciting collaborations are formed. And what resulted was Sarah’s fantastic invitation for me to write a monthly guest column.

It was quite easy for me to decide what I wanted my column to be about. Being one of only two British bloggers on the tour I had watched and listened as my American counterparts took in the wealth of European design on show at IMM Cologne and Living Kitchen and discussed just how different it was to what they would normally see in the States. From that moment on I thought it might interest Sarah’s readers if I was to share some insights into the latest European design trends.

But where to start? Well that was easy too. At the beginning of January I read a post right here that Sarah had written about a dark wood kitchen by Camilla Moulders. What particularly caught my eye were all the copper accents in the kitchen and that was when I knew what I would write my first post about.

Copper Chandelier: furore by Super Grau detail

Personally I am not really a big fan of metallics as I find them a little bit ostentatious and if I’m honest, dare I say it, quite garish. However, the latest trend for using copper in interiors has me rethinking my opinion on metallics. I have seen a number of great lighting options recently that exploit the innate beauty and warmth of copper and brass and I have done a complete 360 as a result. These metals are anything but ostentatious and they couldn’t be farther from garish. Instead they are sleek, sophisticated and unbelievably elegant.

One of my favourites is this stunning pendant light designed by Lima De Lezando for German company Supergrau. These beautiful pieces are so much more than just lighting. They are precision engineered statements of luxury and opulence and the attention to detail is just flawless. The highly polished surface finish on some of these pieces gives them the most amazingly reflective mirror finish. Just make sure you don’t touch them or the whole effect will be ruined.

Pendant Lighting: Tom Dixon Copper Shade

Tom Dixon is a British designer who is working extensively in copper at the moment. He first launched his Copper Shade back in 2005 and since then he has continued to work with this metal in his lighting range and beyond. When clustered together like this the effect is just stunning, don’t you think?

Copper Lights by David Derksen

Dutch designer David Derksen was actually exhibiting at IMM Cologne last month and I stopped by his stand to take a look at his beautifully crafted copper lights. Unlike the other lights shown here they do not have the same highly polished finished. Instead Derksen has opted for a more understated matte finish, but this in no way detracts from their beauty and elegance.

Copper drop cap by Plumen

However, you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on the latest lighting trend. Plumen, the world’s first designer energy saving light bulb, has also jumped on the copper bandwagon and brought out its own drop cap and pendant set for just under $40. That’s a steal in my book!

So there you have it! Copper is where it’s at right now in terms of ultra-elegant lighting solutions. I’d like to thank Sarah for having me on the blog today and I’d love to know what you think so don’t be shy, leave us comment!!



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Author: Sarah Baynes

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