CLIP IN Hair Extensions: go from short to long hair in 10 minutes.


It’s hard to believe that in February it will be a full year since I cut 15 inches off of my hair – switching up my hair from very long into my current bob. For that reason, when IrresistibleMe reached out to me about trying their clip in hair extensions, I was hesitant at first. My shorter hair is so much lighter in weight and in spirit (so carefree!) that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try wearing long hair — I assumed the clip ins would be high-maintenance, take too long to clip in, and look unnatural. I was even concerned that one of the pieces would fall out and leave me hanging (pun intended)! To sum up my uneasiness, I wondered, are clip ins “me”?


It turns out that they are: they’re identical in color to my natural hair, take less than 10 minutes to clip in, don’t loosen or feel like they’ll fall out (even after 4-6 hours of wear for evening events), and are a fun accessory to change up my look. Just like with a headband, too many bobby pins, or a tight bun, they do start to feel uncomfortable after a full day of wear, so I would not recommend wearing them every day or for 12-14 hours at a time. The clip ins are made with human hair, so they curl, take hairspray, and wash the same way your natural hair does. I recommend them for special occasions or whenever you feel like having longer or thicker hair.


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This would be the “before” image of me. Just out of view I have all of the extension laid out, ready to begin clipping in.

Hair Extensions

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Author: Sarah Baynes

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