Changing one thing can change everything.  In an interior it could be the paint color, the sofa, or the seating layout.  Incremental upgrades are a fantastic way to get the look you love at a leisurely pace and within budget.


I was amazed by how well the “change one thing” concept applies not only to interiors but to fashion and personal style when I arrived at one of my bi-weekly training sessions with TNT a few weeks back.

As I walked up to greet my fellow members of my race-walk training “posse” (if you will :D), I noticed that my friend Lois was wearing an amazing pair of glasses that I was seeing her in for the first time.  I told Lois how much I loved her pair,  as until that day I’d only seen her in her classic Ray-Ban sunnies.  She told me two things: that they were $95 dollars, and that they were Warby Parker.

Now as someone who has worn glasses since the age of nine and contact lenses since eleven, I was shocked by the affordability of the price and impressed with how much style these frames had.  My last glasses purchase was well over $300 at the time and I disliked being seen outside of my home in them.  Before seeing Lois, glasses in my opinion were very not cool. Since age eleven and the moment I got contacts, I have pretty much worn contacts from the time I wake up  until the time I get ready for bed.  And although I understood the importance of giving my eyes a rest, I really just preferred the invisible look of my contacts.  After seeing Lois, however, I realizaed that glasses could be inexpensive and good-looking as well.

I was pumped.  And I though great, I’ll go and check out Warby Parker online.

I turn from Lois to look for my race-walk coach Ellen, and notice immediately that she too is wearing amazing glasses that I’m seeing her in for the first time.  I told her how great she looked and, curious, asked her where she got them.  “Warby Parker,” she said.

I officially needed a pair for myself.

Fast forward to last night, when I again arrived at Tuesday night training, this time with my new glasses on.  Naturally, as the story goes, I was asked where they’re from. I dare say a new pair of glasses will make its debut on a race-walk teammate in a week or two.

Circling back – it’s amazing what a difference changing one thing can make.  I’m speaking of course about my new specs and about my new (circa 2011) interior design practice (both of which I’m crazy about!).  Like myself, many of my clients are looking to change one thing. New paint colors, new window treatments, or a new sofa, for example.  I love my “change one thing” projects – they’re so much fun.  And I charge for them by the hour.  I relish the thrill of the hunt!

Changing one thing can change everything.  Which item at home are you itching to upgrade?



Author: Sarah Sarna

Interior Designer and Author at, empowering women to decorate and dress with confidence.