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Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m a self-tanning addict (hi Jennifer!). If you follow my blog Hometown Heroine, you know I breeze over the topic of self-tanning quite often. Now, please don’t imagine me as walking Cheeto, because that is definitely not the case.


Fake tanners have come along way since the vivid orange shades reminiscent of having a beta-carotene rich diet (yes, carrots can turn your skin orange). Some of the best products I have come in contact with are actually green based which will give you a bronzed glow. I have gathered some of the best selling self-tanners as well as my personal favorites to create this guide to the best self tanner for summer.

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Tan Towels are a cult classic. I have many friends who swear by these little cuties. The color payoff is great for fairer folks and because it’s a simple sheet, it’s great for beginning tanning aficionados. One full body sheet will run you $5, but you can buy box sets for a better price. Like all tanners, I recommend wearing gloves when applying so you don’t get tanned palms. The product should dry in less than 10 minutes and not rub off onto your clothing.

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Author: Jennifer Lieskovan

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