Gelish 103 on Eva Chen
In this pic Eva is wearing: Gelish #103

If you follow Eva Chen on Instagram, you’re familiar with her fabulous outfits, fun-loving captions — and beautiful manicures. As the editor in chief of Lucky magazine, a dizzying number of new nail polish shades cross her desk every week, and she seems to change her polish every few days.


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If you’ve wondered how a jet-setting fashion editor finds the time to visit the salon so frequently, the answer is: she doesn’t. As Eva recently confirmed to beauty blog Into The Gloss, she refreshes her nail color an average of “2.5 times a week,” and to everyone’s surprise, she usually does it herself, in the backseat of a cab, on her way to work. Here’s how she does, it, as told to ITG.

In this pic Eva is wearing: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Lemon Heaven

Sally Hansen Lemon Heaven on Eva Chen
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Lemon Heaven
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Author: Sarah Sarna

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