I love meeting people through social media; via my blog, twitter, instagram, etc. Case in point: Susannah Charbin, whom I met through the latter (visit her at @susannahcharbin). Susannah is the founder of The Beaux Arts Consultancy, a digital agency which works with fashion, luxury and lifestyle, brands around the world, helping them to tell their story online. Prior to starting her company she worked for the great master of the red soles, Christian Louboutin, and has a vast collection of beautiful shoes which decorate the bookcases in her office when they aren’t on her feet. Originally from London, Susannah is a new ‘New Yorker’ having moved here a year ago. She lives in midtown with her husband and her adorable dog, Jack.

Susannah at home in one of her signature Chanel blazers.

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Susannah Charbin, Founder of The Beaux Arts Consultancy, a digital agency for the fashion, luxury, and lifestyle industries, New York City.

Detail of the black and white abstract painting Susannah purchased to celebrate when The Beaux Arts Consultancy was first registered as a business.

Author: Sarah Sarna

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