Of all the gifts that parents-to-be receive at a baby shower, new Moms and Dads say that it’s items with sentimental value and the practical we-never-would-have-known-that-we-need-that lifesavers that they appreciate the most.  The best baby shower gifts can make the first months easier, more organized, and more memorable. Finding a baby gift that’s thoughtful, unique, and useful for the parents, – as well as for the baby, – however, can be a challenge.


Think of this post as your guide to the best Baby Shower gifts. Make sure to read the couple’s baby shower invitation, which will give you the information you need to get going. Most invitations specify everything your should know about the shower, including: if there’s a theme, the baby’s gender (if known), and where to locate the baby registry. Remember that the baby registry is a couple’s wish list, and going off-registry is welcome, too; this guide includes an assortment of items that are likely both. Either way, each of these baby shower gift ideas are a fantastic way to celebrate a new arrival.

The most practical, unique, and helpful Baby Gifts that Moms appreciate the most, via @sarahsarna.

  1. Baby Monitor – Allows parents to sleep, while still being able to hear and see the baby.
  2. Baby Bath Gift Set – A luxe set of Baby Wash, Baby Oil, and Baby Balm, perfect for a baby’s sensitive, delicate skin, packaged in a deluxe box.
  3. Personalized Stripe Baby Blanket – The addition of the baby’s name or monogram in the center of this stripe baby blanket makes it that much more thoughtful.
  4. Set of 5 Bodysuits, 24 Months – Clothes in bigger sizes (12 months, 24 months, even 2 and 3T) are always appreciated, as children quickly outgrow newborn gifts.
  5. Satin-Trimmed Baby Blanket – A handy accessory to soften playtime on the floor or for tucking into a stroller, in an ultra-cozy fabric.
  6. Baby Bouncy Seat – When gifted with a clear shower curtain and bath accessories (body wash, shampoo, etc.), parents can place the baby in the bouncy seat, and shower while keeping both eyes on the baby.
  7. Travel Crib and Changer – A crib that folds and unfolds in a cinch is perfect for travel, as well as for containing the baby while prepping meals.
  8. Baby Carrier – A hands-free way for parents to stay in close contact with their baby, and reinforce the parent-child bond from the very beginning.
  9. Car Seat and Base – Another must-have item, even if used as back-up for a second car or nanny’s car.
  10. Wearable Blanket – In lieu of loose blankets, a wearable blanket is worn over regular sleepwear for a baby’s safest night’s sleep.
  11. Denim Overalls, 24 Months – A unisex hard-working wardrobe staple, chosen in a bigger size (12 months, 24 months, even 2 and 3T) becomes an instant favorite.
  12. Megastore Gift Certificate – Allows parents to purchase diapers, wipes, and other necessities as needed.
  13. Date-Night Gift Certificate – Makes an evening out in those early months easier, via a certificate for dinner for two at a restaurant, plus a gift card to cover 4-5 hours of childcare.
  14. Emergency Diaper Bag – A stocked diaper bag to leave in the car in case you forget something at home. Have the baby’s name embroidered the bag and fill it with an assortment of things you should not leave home without, for example: an undershirt, a baby bottle, a teething ring, a pacifier, a small bottle of an electrolyte solution, a thermometer, gas relief medicine, an assortment of different-sized diapers, baby balm, shampoo and baby oil, a bib, baby wipes, and a small can of readymade formula.
  15. ‘Uh-Oh’ Basket – A basket packed to stay at home, loaded with a thermometer, clippers, nail files, baby balm, and more. It won’t be long before new parents encounter an ‘uh-oh’ that the basket will help them with, without running to the store.
  16. Meals for a Month – A month of nutritious prepared meals in the first weeks after the baby is born. To coordinate this, bring a calendar to the shower and have everyone write down their name on a week starting after the baby arrives. In their assigned week, each person brings a nutritious prepared meal or two for the new parents to eat or freeze. Parents appreciate it greatly, and it’s a way for close friends and family to briefly stop by and see the baby.

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