Last night was the perfect autumnal evening to attend Nathan Turner’s Nathan Turner’s American Style: Classic Design & Effortless Entertaining book-signing, hosted at Pottery Barn’s Upper West Side location.  It was dark, there was a light drizzle requiring an umbrella for a distance of more than a block or two, and there was a chill in the air that required a tweed jacket and a scarf of me.  All concrete evidence that a change in season is just starting to settle in on the city.  Yesterday’s dark and damp night made a strong case that Fall is just about fully here.

The contrast, then, between the weather and the warm and cozy location of Nathan Turner’s book-signing made walking in from the rain all the more delicious.  Candles were lit, cocktail guests were mingling about, and trays of sweet and savory bites were circling around.

I’d tweeted with Nathan earlier in the day to say hello and to say that I’d be attending, so I made a beeline for him and greeted him with a smile.

“I know you!,” he  said very warmly, and he gave me a hug.

I laughed and said “yes! We tweeted today!”

Nathan is a natural host and immediately made it clear that he is not only a very accomplished California-based interior designer, but personable and engaging on a social leve as well.  We chatted a little bit and I took a few photos with him – my favorite of which I feel really captured the homey glow of the setting and all of the little touches Pottery Barn incorporated from Nathan’s book into the evening. Floral arrangements, elegant glasses of wine, truly delightful bites of Mr. Turner’s favorite recipes… all details of Nathan’s charming American Style made a wonderful impression and exemplified that good hosts really make entertaining look easy.

A look now at some of the highlights and hallmarks of Nathan’s beautiful event.

Yes, he is as much a gentleman as he looks. Notice, too, how beautifully the dining table in the background is set, complete with lighted candles.

A gorgeous display of Mr. Turner’s new book:

And nothing says “fall” quite like a grouping of colorful gourds. These ones added so much seasonal flair to the decor.

Aren’t these bite-sized s’mores absolutely perfect for an autumn gathering? Every detail was considered for Turner’s book-launch affair.

Yes, Nathan’s event really immersed me the spirit of the almost-here season.  Maybe it’s time for me to begin to prepare and reintroduce some sweaters and cold-weather attire into my closet!

Mr. Turner, thank you for a wonderful evening!

To get you thinking ahead too, I leave you with an image of how Central Park will shortly look and a great quotation to boot.

To learn more about Nathan Turner visit his website and take a look at his book, available here.

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Author: Sarah Sarna

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  • Courtney

    Wow, what a nice event, Sarah! I love your pictures. You make good use of that fantastic city you live in, finding so much inspiration for the rest of us!. 🙂