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Living the life you dream about is all about having a home that reflects who you are, what you love, and how you live.  Interior Designer and Senior Vice President of Sotheby’s International Realty, Royce Pinkwater understands this exceptionally well, as exemplified by her New York apartment.  Let’s have a look.


 In the Entry Hall, pictured above,  a 1950s hammered-bronze sconce from an Italian villa is set off by dark walls papered in a scrubbable vinyl wall-covering, Madagscar from Élitis France.  “I like to juxtapose high and low. It makes it more casual and homey,” says Ms. Pinkwater, a graduate of NYU,  who has lived in New York City for all of her life.


“The most interesting rooms mix cultures and periods,” she states, and are truly a collaboration. On her home, Royce worked with Interior Designer Eric Cohler to make several architectural refinements like englarging the bath and doorways, Interior Designer Sidney Frazier to help with her two son’s bedrooms as well as shades and curtains throughout, and Kyle Clarkson of Ogee Inc. to design rugs and advise her on upholstery.


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Of her Living Room, Ms. Pinkwater explains, “A room should be comfortable and inviting. It should make you want to come in and use it, and make you feel good to be in it. Every room had to have space for [her two sons] to hang out. I didn’t want any room to just be decorative. It gives me such pleasure to see my boys hanging out in the living room with their laptops and books.”

Regarding her 12-foot-long Living Room sofa, inspired by a 1970’s Donghia design, Royce says, “I love the scale, the way it fills that whole wall… A lot of my things are large. That José Parlá painting over the sofa had to be hoisted through the window.” She continues by saying, “Another thing I feel strongly about – by far the most compelling rooms are a beautiful blend of styles and eras. I love the simplicity and elegance, [and] the graceful proportions of 1940s French furniture… But a whole room of nothing bur would be static and boring.” Her home is clearly anything but.

royce pinkwater

Author: Sarah Sarna

Interior Designer and Author at, empowering women to decorate and dress with confidence.

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  • Love how she’s mixed period pieces with modern and contemporary designs. Also love how she’s livened up a fairly neutral palette with pops of color. A fabulous space!