You’re probably thinking that as it’s been (almost) a full one month since our move to Virginia from New York City, that we’re completely set up, furniture placed, surfaces styled, and artwork perfectly placed. Not exactly. The king-size bed that we’ve had our eye on was delivered last week, however we haven’t had a chance to go out and select a mattress. Everything is unpacked (except for my office and my husband’s office), which we took care of within in the first week, but finding time to physically shop together has not happened yet, as we’ve been having such a good time hanging out with family and friends. We are very clear about our priorities, and who they are.


Today, however, we’re taking a “Summer Friday” and have given ourselves the entire day off to sit in furniture and bounce on mattresses; in other words: shop till we drop. While we’re out hunting (wish us luck!), take a tour of this incredibly chic, candy-colored apartment in Madrid, designed by Living Pink. I promise: it’s worth seeing.

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Author: Sarah Sarna

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