A weekend we’ve been thrilled about for almost a year now is nearly here!

On Saturday Vikas and I (this may be the first time I’ve used my husband’s name on the blog!) will celebrate the marriage of our dear friends in Philadelphia.  They are an amazing couple and we’re really looking forward to their big day!

As this is our first visit to PA together, Vikas and I are heading down early on Friday morning to spend time in the city on the day before our friends’ big event.


To plan our itinerary, my first call was to the new Barnes Foundation, which is unfortunately booked – so we’ll have to return to Philly again :D, hopefully in the fall. Our next pick: the Philadelphia Museum of Art of course (hello, Costume & Textile Galleries!).

But what about where to get coffee and where to shop?

So I googled “visit Philly,” and found a site with the same name.  They have three little itineraries planned for visitors — naturally we are on board for “The Art Lover’s” adventure.  It’s hard to say which of us loves art more.  It’s a tie.

Now the site recommends three days to cover the necessary ground, but why not condense three into one?  See what the site recommends HERE and let me know:

what are your Philly must sees?


Image / composed of multiple images via visitphilly.com /

Author: Sarah Baynes

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