A chic white home office with a gold mirror

A home office is a must. Even a little corner or closet will do, as we saw a few weeks ago with Rosabella Wallpaper and Glossy White Shelves.  A home work space doesn’t have to be a whole room. In the chic space above, a glass topped desk is situated behind the sofa in the Living Room, next to a window. An upholstered white leather armchair, a lap top, and a gilded floor mirror to bring in additional light make this a functional area for getting it done.

Rather than staying late at work on weeknights (like tonight), or going into the office on the weekend, with a home office space you can take a few tasks home and settle into your home office area. You’ll be more comfortable and you’ll get more work done.

Image / The Now Stylebook /


Author: Sarah Sarna

Interior Designer and Author at SarahSarna.com, empowering women to decorate and dress with confidence.

  • Emily, the mirror makes it, right?! Thanks for saying hello!

  • Marcy, I completely agree!

  • Chichi Furniture

    What an amazing mirror – mirrors be such central features, completing the design of a room and in this picture that is just the case. The gold looks so stylish and adds warmth to the scheme – love it :O)

  • Marcy Michaud

    Love this office space! It is bright, simple and exquisite – pure glamour.