Beni Ourain Rug

I had an amazing time in High Point, arriving back in New York yesterday afternoon.  I’ll be in town today and then we are headed to Washington DC first thing tomorrow for the weekend. In between, a 20-minute cat nap in this minimal yet maximally-accessorized living room, complete with the crackling fire and the deep-seated sofa, would be a wonderful activity to schedule between appointments this afternoon. 😉  Have a great day!

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Image /  Photographer: Dane Tashima, via Desire to Inspire /


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  • Boss Fireplaces

    Nothing beats a nice warm fireplace, love that crackling sound!

  • this look just oozes comfort… love it.

  • Me too! Thank you Tami!

  • Krista

    Yes, please!

  • Love these rugs!! Just makes a room! Lovely blog!! Following with BlogLovin! Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂