Sarah Sarna 2011 Year in Review

Two thousand eleven was the ultimate whirlwind; amazing in every way.

Eighteen days into 2012, each of these events seem simultaneously so long ago and yet, so vivid.  I am confident they will always feel this way.

….I have so much to share on here!

I am happy to say that this new year is providing me with the focus and the carving-out-of-time needed to expand my design practice and my blog.  In addition to a year in review, this post is also a bit of a “pre-launch” of another new blog column for 2012.

I have given it the working title of “How I Got Engaged and Married Twice”  In it I’ll be writing about my life partnership with my husband, starting from the beginning: back in two thousand eight when we were two absolute unknowns, through to the present, and continuing into the future.  He is my original muse, and he is the seed of so much inspiration for my work.  In this upcoming column I’ll be highlighting the interdependence between romance and interior design and the importance of continual courtship in both.


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