Valentine's Day is Tuesday February 14th. Here are 20 Valentine cards that are funny, saucy, and sweet!

Valentine’s Day is Tuesday February 14th. In preparation for one of the prettiest holidays of the year, I’ve given you 20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her20 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him20 Valentine’s Decoration Ideas, and 4 Valentines Day Outfit Ideas. Last but not least, here are 20 Valentine cards that are funny, saucy, and sweet!


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1 through 20:
1: \ k bye*
2: \ Hot Stuff*
3: \ Thanks Mom*
4: \ Luv Ya!*
5: \ Best Gal*
6: \ Solid Gold*
7: \ Olive You!*
8: \ To my Valentine*
9: \ You’re a Gem*
10: \ Rosé*
11: \ Sending Love*
12: \ Eyes for you*
13: \ Doing it Wrong*
14: \ Can’t Live Without You*
15: \ Let’s French!*
16: \ Love*
17: \ Love You*
18: \ Love Songs*
19: \ One & Only*
20: \ Stuck on You!*


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