de Gournay wallpaper Miles Redd Elle Decor
Interior Designer: Miles Redd. Image via Elle Decor. Photographer: Simon Upton.

A family-owned company with showrooms in 39 countries, including New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, and Moscow, de Gournay is one of the most well loved wallpaper ateliers in the world. Founded in 1986 by Claud Cecil Gurney (nearly 100 years after many of the wallpaper houses that come to mind in hand-painted chinoiserie genre), the brand has grown to be one of the most well known in under 30 years.


Gurney explains their mission, “Our aim is to bring happiness into people’s lives by creating for them light, bright, vibrant and happy interiors where they can find refuge from the busy world of markets and events. Each of our interiors is a work of art hand-painted to meet the needs of discerning clients.” Inspiration for de Gournay papers often comes from the 18th century, yet the patterns work equally well in very modern and even minimalist settings.


I hope you enjoy and that you’ll share which ones are your favorites in a comment below. It is no surprise then, that when rounding up 10 of my favorite interior with de Gournay wallpaper, I resulted in 22.

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de Gournay wallpaper Askew design Bergdorf Goodman Restaurant, New York. Interior design by Kelly Wearstler.

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